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Rihno/Grasshopper | AutoCAD | Revit | Adobe

Building Studies

Vitra Museum | Desert House | Mimesis Museum


Vitra Museum

Rhino 3d models

Plans | Sections | Elevations
Rhino offers degree precision to build curved, complex 3d models. Using plans, sections, and elevations,  geometric volumes  are  constructed. Rhino offers a variety of plane creations derived from points, lines, and other surfaces

Rhino Drafting

Export to: Revit | Sketchup | Adobe | AutoCAD
Rhino produces 2d drawings (with hidden lines) of any view of your model.  Axonometric views are perfect for product drawings.

Desert House

Illustrator Diagrams

 Understanding 3d Space: Massing | Circulation | Topographic
Open frames provide sheltered living spaces, that connect private wings. An "L" form protects from the environment.

Mimesis Museum

Rhino and Illustrator Diagrams

Rhino produces 2d drawings (with hidden lines) of any 360 views. 
drawing can be exported into Adobe, Revit, and AutoCAD.