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Where does your character live? PARAMETERS determined by location and budget limitations.  What is the project's literal world?


Meet the full needs of your space

Illusion Design delivers the story's world. She is passionate about bringing the project's vision to life. Cheating perspective in a room, creating a space only visible to the lens, A 3d work of art. Paola frutos can help transform any site into the stage for your production.




interior dec: kitchen, living room, dinning room
props: gravestone, freezer, plants, drinks, closet
hero props: cat, bday cake, flowers

Director & editor

The Catastrophe Poster.png
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interior dec: female apartment | cool and bright
production props: homemade
made from things that could be found in female apt.
key additions to space: pet area, cat food

Writer & EP

More than interior décor, we will help you transform your sectional and kitchen bar into the world of your character. The largest furniture's purpose maximized our story's design. A rearranged sectional, dressed with a blanket, now outlines the room. Space was created for a pet area, on one side, and a parallel line, making the path and background for various frames. A cat's mother's home, dressed in pictures of our cat actor and young female décor. By adding  women's clothes, shoes, and accessories, living in a space gives background to cuts scenes with an open, reveal.

Cheat your space, production design tells the story between a space. A full dining room eats into the kitchen's square footage. adding a small dining set to the kitchen creates an extra room, frames in pictures, and exponential perspectives. Bar is mirrored by shifting stools and perspective beat with their path of the line. A 3d industrial sculpture for your backdrop. In the picture, the bar is elongated proportionally. The dinning room is home to hero prop plant, as well as a bag of cat food on the opposite side. the freezer is dressed with  cat hair. That later makes its into the drinks as hairballs. Props includingpainting the fur on the stuffed cat to match actor. I also decorated a "home made" happy birthday cake and burial grounds for the ending. 




interior dec: living, dinning, kitchen
props: knife, cake

Writer & Director

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