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I'm a creator. My passion is art. It is my home. I grew up mixing plants to make colors in my grandmother's garden. My mother's red lipstick was replaced with a fresh beet. Her garden became my 3D canvas, manipulating life to suit the day's playground.  
I grew up exploring all forms of art through the BSD and BHCS. With Math and Art in my corner, I went on a quest to become an architect... on Mars. an ambitious and simple plan with an end twist to keep my focus. 
I loved all my architecture classes, creating physical works of art by integrating variating connections. One system moves a room's circulation, the beginning of life. Reading the materials to interpret the building, envisioning building parts pulled and distorted to create masses to inhabit.  an art form experienced by everyone, universally understood.  
Nannying funded the dream, the perfect place to study humans at their core emotions. I soon made a name for myself as a baby whisper, communication without words. Reading a room, filling the needs custom-tailored to the situation. Living in only the setting, Architect to the human of the day. Learning resetting a room and fixing things as we go.

Interests include: hand rendering, painting, interior design, light distortion, space manipulation, shadow blocking, photography, color/light psychology, traffic circulation through space and history.


Photography sent me on a journey to study architecture. I learned to organize programs and develop designs from precedents, site analysis, and building programs. I know drafting (hand/cad/revit), 3D modeling/3D design, graphic design, and material rendering.


Objects transform by passing through a lens. the plasticity of materials allows for distortion behind cameras.
finish and texture is enhanced - played with, altered. 
Understanding materials gives spaces the intended human touch.

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